Here at NIVO, we believe it is important to be close to the users so that we understand their needs and can get firsthand feedback. Below you can see where we will be in the coming months. Come by and have a chat with our developers and team leads.

World Cup messe

17.-20. Oktober

The big event offers world-class riding with a memorable experience.



27.-29. September

The largest indoor horse fair in Sjaelland right in the heart of the horse-happy Nordsjaelland. At the Hillerød Horse Show you will find everything for horse and rider.

Store hestedag

7.-8. September

Over 1000 horses have been registered for assessments and competitions and more than 700 dogs for race shows when Store Heste Dag opens the doors at Dyrskuepladsen in Roskilde from 7 to 8. September.


22.-26. May

Equitour Aalborg was held for the first time in 2017 with great success – in 2019 Equitour Aalborg opens its doors again for 5 days of world class dressage and jumps when the Danish section of the FEI Nations Cup comes to Uggerhalne in North Jutland.


7.-10. June

There are many different classes at the facility’s three stadiums, ranging from pony classes to introductory DM classes for Para, U25 and Senior.
Discover many other exciting things like, 
shopping with everything in riding equipment, jewelery, clothing, household items, etc.
Food from our a la carte restaurant or our Nordic inspired food market